hawaii home inspection rates and pricing

Hawaii Home Inspection Rates and Pricing

Please contact me with the address or MLS number of the subject property to receive a quote for an inspection. The address or MLS number provided will allow me to evaluate the property requirements.

The quoted price depends on the time involved both at the site and writing the report. Report writing can take just as long as the inspection or longer as the report is very detailed with lots of photographs.

Other factors that are used to determining the quoted price:

  • Age of home
  • Total square footage
  • Number of baths
  • Garage (if present)
  • Additional amenities such as a "maids quarters," additional wet-bar, swimming pool, etc.

The quality of your report and the time spent on site utilize my expertise and years of experience:

  • Over 25+ years of construction experience
  • Current licensed General Contractor, Roofing Contractor and Painting Contractor
  • Use of specialized testing equipment and tools

Please allow adequate time for me to be at the subject property to perform a thorough inspection. I work diligently to perform the on-site inspection and you will find I spend 50-75% more time on site than other inspectors. When you call around for pricing, you can ask how long the inspector will spend on site. Some inspectors may limit their reports to the deficiencies and others will just miss items because of their short inspection time. My goal is to "demystify" the house, not only identify deficiencies, but also explain the cause and remedy.

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