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Home and New Construction Inspection Services in Hawaii

Home Buyer Inspections

By far the most common home inspection performed in the industry. This is the home inspection paid for by a buyer involved in a real estate transaction, usually after an offer on a property has been made.

Who might be present?
-Buyer and family members


  • To get an honest and impartial report of the home’s condition
  • To be informed of any deficiencies, safety hazards and upcoming repairs
  • To avoid unpleasant surprises after the sale
  • Provide informative home ownership maintenance information

Pre-Listing Inspections

Sometimes properties are inspected before they’re listed and shown. With the Pre-Lisitng Inspection Service, the Seller pays for the home inspection.

Who might be present?
-Seller and family members


  • To identify any deficiencies or areas that need attention
  • To prevent any surprises during the listing
  • To fix problems before the sale detours
  • To prevent a sale from falling out of escrow
  • Eliminate bargaining points
  • Attract more buyers to pre-inspected homes
  • Sell the home faster
  • A fair and impartial inspection that the Buyer may use
  • At sellers’ request, inspector will re-visit to note any deficiency corrections

Review Inspection Sales Program

A Review Inspection is purchased from a buyer when our company performed the original pre-listing inspection. It’s a walk-through inspection, performed by the same inspector and using the original pre-listing inspection. We’ll look over the property with Buyer and note fixes or replacements, talk about the findings and answer questions for the buyer. This inspection should take about half the time of original Home Buyers Inspection.

The Review Inspection benefits the buyer because it’s no more than half the price of the Home Buyer Inspection. They get to see the original report and the inspector will re-inspect everything with them and note improvements. They can ask any questions and we’ll give them a free Home Maintenance Manual and DVD.

Accompany a Buyer Program

A home inspector will accompany the buyer to a walk-through for a prospective home purchase prior to offer. No professional home inspection reporting will take place but Inspector will answer any questions and provide an expert opinion from the visual inspection. If Buyer wishes to have a Home Buyers Inspection then the cost of the accompany a buyer program will be reduced from Home Buyers Inspection.

Who might be present?
-Buyer and family members


  • An informative home and property analysis
  • A low cost approach for Buyer to help decide if they wish to move forward with an offer

New Construction Inspections

Inspect foundations / footings / rebar


  • To inspect foundation area before concrete is installed to identify any deficiencies that may result in foundation settlement and / or cracking
  • To verify that the foundation will be constructed to plans, specifications, and "best building practices"

Pre-Drywall Inspection


  • To inspect house framing, electrical, plumbing and any other items that may have been roughed-in before drywall
  • To inspect roof for proper installation
  • Inspect that proper hurricane connectors have been installed
  • To inspect that the above items have been installed according to your plans, specifications and industry "best building practices"
  • To prevent problems before it’s too late or cost too much to fix

Pre-Delivery Inspection / Punch List

Who might be present?
-Buyer and family members


  • To perform a walk-through of the exterior and interior of your new home before you take delivery (possession)
  • To conduct a "punch list" of deficient items that need correction
  • To insure your new home was built according to your plans, specifications and industry "best building practices"

Property Management Inspections


  • To identify and document any damage to rental before new tenant occupancy
  • To record a video tape for Management for documentation records

Commercial Inspections


  • To inspect the physical condition of property
  • Physical needs assessment
  • Building site and grounds assessment
  • Structural assessment
  • Exterior assessment including doors, windows, signage, roofing systems, mechanical, electrical and interior components

Insurance / Surety Inspections


  • Insurance loss inspections
  • Review existing damages
  • Determine the percentage of repairs completed at the property
  • Inspect all components of the damaged and repaired items
  • Inspect and document construction progress for surety and bonding companies
  • Monthly site inspections, review Contractor payment request and to evaluate the accuracy of the draw request, and determine percent completed

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